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Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

20 Nights/21 Days

The Himalayas word originated from Sanskrit, “Hima” means Snow & Alaya means Abode. The Himalayas stretch across the north-eastern portion of India. They cover approximately 1,500 mi

(2,400 km) and pass through the nations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. The Himalayan range is made up of three parallel ranges often referred to as the Greater Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas, and the Outer Himalayas.

Location Info.

  • Extreme Enduro MotoAdventure journey through the Indian Himalayas.

  • Covering most prominent valleys of the Himalayas like Kangra Valley, Dhauladhar valley, Pangi Valley, Lahaul Valley, Spiti Valley, Hangrang valley, Bhaba Valley, Seraj Valley, Kullu Valley, Zanskar valley, Indus Valley and Changthang valley.

  • Covering 13 high altitude mountain pass with an average height of 4000Mtrs.

  • Covering one of the least explored Himalayan regions like Pangi valley and Zanskar valley.

  • Ride on the new built Atal Tunnel for 9Kms at the height of 3000Mtrs.

  • Ride on the newly built Shingo La pass, also ancient villages like Kurgiakh, and Purne.

  • More than 1850 miles of an epic journey through the most rugged terrain in the world that is the Himalayas.

Recommended season to visit -

June and September.



In this “Himalayan Motorcycle Tour,” we are going to explore all the major valleys of the Himalayas and Major Mountain passes. During this “Himalayas motorcycle tour India” one can enjoy the hidden treasure of the Indian Himalayas. We are gonna cover 13 different valleys and more than 10 mountain passes where the average height is 4000 meters above sea level. 

Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas is one of the best things to explore valleys like Pangi Valley, Lahaul & Spiti valley, Zanskar Valley, Indus Valley, Changthang valley, and other prominent valleys of the Himalayas. 

This Himalayan Motorcycle tour is designed for experienced riders who love long riding hours with less break and most importantly for those who love off-road riding. Because most of the days we will be riding through different terrains and crossing different valleys, roads are in very bad shape in Pangi valley, Spiti valley, and Zanskar valley.


Also during this Enduro Himalayan motorbike trip, we will be crossing high altitude mountain passes that are located in the remote places of the Himalayas like Shingo La and Sach pass. Also, we will be staying in a unique Himalayan homestay during this Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas. Few days we will be riding through no-man land for the entire day without sighting a single human settlement in between, it will be only you, your motorcycles, and endless Himalayan ranges. So what are you waiting for, just get in touch with us to join this once in a lifetime Motorcycle Tour to the Himalayas

Skill Level


Road Conditions

60% Extreme Off-Road

40% Asphalt

Terrain Info.

High altitude mountain roads average height is

3000 Meters

Type of Food

Authentic Indo- Tibetian & Indian


Glimpse of destination


Day 1 -
Arrive at Dharamshala (Gaggal Airport)

On day one of the Himalayas Motorcycle Tour, you need to arrive at Gaggal Airport which is 10 km from Dharamshala town, there are direct flights from New Delhi and other prominent places of India. Dharamshala is situated at the height of 1457 Mtrs ASL.

Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the Gaggal Airport and drop at the hotel. After taking ample rest for the day, we will meet again in the evening for a briefing session followed by dinner. 

Day 2 -
Dharamshala to Doda  

Miles - 185

On day two of Trans-Himalayan Motorcycle Tour, we will start our epic adventure motorcycle tours in the Himalayas by riding towards Doda. The road will take you through some of the beautiful terrains of remote and isolated Himachal Pradesh. Before reaching Doda we will cross our first mountain pass on the Himalayan motorcycle tour, which is the “Padri Pass” at the height of 3030Mtrs. After crossing the Padre Pass we will cross another pass that is “Chatergala Pass” we will enter Dhauladhar valley from Kangra valley. Doda is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas at the height of 1107 Mtrs. 


Total riding hours will be around 8-10Hrs.

Day 3 - 
Doda to Killar/Killad   

Miles - 111

Today we will be riding towards Killar/Killad which is the headquarters of Pangi Valley. The Pangi valley is a rugged and poorly developed tribal area, as well as one of the most remote areas in Himachal Pradesh state. Most of the road for today will be completely off-road where we will be crossing Kishtwar in the Himalayan region, we will be staying at Killar which is situated at the height of 2100Mtrs. This road is also called a cliff-hanger route because the roads are building by rock cutting and very steep. Again most of the roads will be off-road today.


Total riding hours will be around 8-10Hrs.

Day 4 -
Killar to Keylong  

Miles - 80

After exploring remote and isolated Pangi valley we will start descending towards Lahaul valley via Udaipur towards Keylong. Keylong is the main town in Lahaul valley and a very important place which located on Manali Leh highway, there will be enough off-road for the day and by early evening we will reach Keylong town. Keylong is situated at the height of 3080Mtrs. 


Total riding hours will be 6-8Hrs.

Day 5 - Keylong to Kaza   

Miles - 120

Its gonna be one of the treacherous roads on our Himalayas Motorcycle Tour, the journey from Keylong to Kaza will remain in your memories for long. We will start our ride early in the morning after a quick breakfast; roads are good till we reach Gramphu, after taking a diversion from Gramphu the road will disappear and the real fun begins with gushing water streams and off-road. En route, we will cross “Kunzum Pass” at the height of 4590Mtrs. Generally, it will take 10-12 hours of journey from Keylong to Kaza, so we may reach Kaza by late evening. It's gonna be the toughest and longest day.


Total riding hours will be around 8-10Hrs.

Day 6 -
Explore Kaza   

Miles - 50

After breakfast, we will set our day to explore Kaza by applying for permits. Kaza is a small town surrounded by mighty Himalayan ranges. In the first we will visit “Key Monastery”, it is the biggest monastery in the entire Spiti valley, it is founded in the 11th century. After that, we will continue our ride towards Kibber village, which is located at the height of 4270Mtrs and it is famous for wildlife spotting during winters. Then we head back towards the same road and visit Langza village, it has a huge statue of Buddha. We will also visit two more remote villages which are Komic & Hikim. Komic village is situated at the height of 4587Mtrs and it is the highest village in the world connected with Motorable road. Then we will visit Hikkim, Hikkim is situated at the height of 4400Mtrs and it has the Highest Post Office In the world, where you can send postcards to your loved ones


Total riding hours will be around 4-5 Hrs.

Day 7 -
Kaza to Nako  

Miles - 80

After exploring amazing Kaza, we will start our Himalayas Motorcycle tour Journey towards Nako village. At first, we will visit Dhankar Monastery, it is situated at the height of 3894Mtrs and it has a history of 1000 Years. After descending from Dhankar village we will continue our ride towards Gue Monastery, which has India’s only natural Mummy. Believed to over more than 500 years, this mummy belongs to Sangha Tenzin a Buddhist monk. Gue village is also closely located at Indo-Tibet Border. After that, we will ride towards Nako village, which is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh at the height of 3662 Mtrs.


Total riding hours will be around 6-8Hrs.

Day 8 -
Nako to Sarahan 

Miles - 110

After exploring Spiti valley and Nako, we start again descending from Sangla valley towards Kinnaur valley and take left towards Sarahan; Sarahan is a remote village in Himachal Pradesh. It is also called as Gateway to Kinnaur valley. The village is surrounded by natural & scenic beauty; the journey towards Sarahan is too steep and narrow roads. There is also a famous Hindu temple “Bhimakali”, upon arrival at Sarahan we will visit the temple.


Total riding hours will be around 6-7Hrs.

Day 9 -
Sarahan to Manali 

Miles - 145

Probably the longest ride on the Himalayas Motorcycle tour, we will be riding from Sarahan towards Manali. This route will take us to some of the remote and isolated villages of Himachal Pradesh like Sojha, Gushaini, and Jibhi. We will also cross Jalori pass which is at the height of 3134 Mtrs in Sojha valley. After riding for about 8-10 hrs we will reach Manali by evening. Manali is the most happening town in Himachal Pradesh and the most crowded town as well with a lot of tourists. Manali is at the height of 2050Mtrs. 


Total riding hours will be around 8-10Hrs.

Day 10 -
Rest Day in Manali 

Today will be a complete rest day for all of you, we will work on the bikes if there any issues to be sorted out and make them ready for coming days on adventure Himalayas motorcycle tours. You can enjoy the town by visiting some coffee shops and do some shopping as well. 

Day 11 -
Manali to Purne/Kurgiakh

Miles - 110

After exploring Manali town we will bid goodbye to this tourist place and head out of civilization towards Zanskar valley. To begin with, will start our journey on Manali Leh highway by crossing the new built Atal tunnel which is a 9Km tunnel built at the height of 3000 Mtrs in the Himalayan range of Solang valley. Again we will cross Keylong town and after reaching darch we will take a diversion towards Shingo La pass at the height of 5090 Mtrs. Most of the roads from Darcha till Kurgiakh will be completely off-road will multiple river crossings and there is no particular road map, it's just a river bed with few jeep tracks that will lead us to Kurgiakh. We will be staying either at Kurgiakh or Purne; today’s stay will be at a local tea house or homestay.

Day 12 -
Kurgiakh/Purne to Padum 

Miles - 60

Today we will start our further ride towards Padum, Padum (also known as Padam) is a town named after Padmasambhava. It is the only town and administrative centre in Zanskar. It was historically one of the two main capitals of the Zanskar Kingdom, the other being Zangla. Padum is at the centre of the tri armed Zanskar valley. It has an average elevation of 3,657 meters; Padum is largely inhabited by people of Tibetan descent who follow Tibetan Buddhism. Most of the roads will be Off-road and its completely unexplored region. 

Total riding hours will be 5-6Hrs.

Day 13 -
Padum to Kargil 

Miles - 145

The longest day on our Himalayan Motorcycle tour, we will be riding from Padum to Kargil via Pensi La pass at the height of 4400Mtrs; it is also called as the gateway to Zanskar valley. Most of the roads are off-road will gravels and loose sand with breathtaking views of Zanskar mountain ranges. Also, we can view the Drang Drung glacier from Pensi La, this 23 km long glacier is the largest glacier in Ladakh. Drang Drung is also visible from Pensi La from where it looks like a winding river of ice enclosed by the scenic Himalayan Mountains; the scenery is quite picturesque to witness. This one of the largest glaciers in India is the source of the Doda River and Stod River.


Total riding hours will be around 8-10Hrs.

Day 14 -
Kargil to Leh 

Miles - 140

Soon after breakfast, we will leave Kargil, we will start our journey towards Leh. We will not be taking the regular Kargil Leh highway, instead of that, we will be riding through some of the unexplored regions of Aryan valley via Shashi La pass at the height of 4200 Mtrs. After riding in Aryan valley we will again join Kargil Leh highway and reach Leh town by evening. Leh is situated at the height of 3500Mtrs.


Total riding hours will be around 6-8Hrs.

Day 15 -
Leh Rest Day

Today will be a complete rest day and you can explore the town on your own or we can arrange a vehicle for you guys as per your wish.

Day 16 -
Leh to Keylong 

Miles - 222

No doubt, we are doing one of the most adventurous journeys of our lifetime by riding from Leh to Keylong in one day through the Manali-Leh highway. It may take more than 10-12 hrs and the longest journey on our Himalayas motorcycle tour journey, we need to start early in the morning from Leh to reach Keylong, as we will be crossing 4 mountain passes, to begin with, Tanglangla pass at the height of 5328 Mtrs which is 2 worlds highest motorable road in the world, then we will cross Lachungla pass at the height of 5059 Mtrs, then we will cross Nakee la pass at the height of 4769 Mtrs and lastly, we will cross Baralachala la pass at the height of 4890Mtrs after 4 Mountain passes in one day we will reach Keylong by evening.

Day 17 -
Keylong to Killar 

Miles - 80

Again we will be riding on the same route which we took on day 4 from Killar to Keylong.

Day 18 -
Killar to Chamba  

Miles - 100

There we are, today is the most important and difficult terrain that we are doing to ride on, we are going to cross “Sach Pass” at the height of 4142Metres which is also called as “Mother of All Mountain pass” in the Indian Himalayan Region. After breakfast, we will start our Motorcycle tour of the Himalayas towards Chamba, before that we need to cross Sach pass and numerous water streams and ride on one of the dangerous roads in the world. Yes, you heard it right, Pangi valley in Himachal Pradesh has named as one of the deadliest roads in the world to ride on motorcycles. After crossing Bariagarh village the road will disappear and actual fun begins with a hell of a lot of glaciers meltwater streams and slush.

With riding for more than 8-10 Hrs we will be able to reach Chamba by evening.

Chamba is a small town nestled in the Pangi valley.

Day 19 -
Chamba to Dharamshala 

Miles - 90

Today we start our riding towards Dharamshala via Jot pass at the height of 2280Mtrs; the road from Chamba to Dharamshala is always a pleasure to ride for those who love mountains and peace. We will reach our last day of riding on this Trans-Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure Tour.

Day 20 -
Rest Day in Dharamshala

After riding for 19 days in the mighty Himalayan range, we will bid goodbye to our motorcycles and explore the sacred town of Dharamshala.

One of can visit Mcleodganj and other important places in and around Dharamshala.

Day 21 -
Departure from Dharamshala

After breakfast, we will drop you to Gaggal Airport towards your onward journey. 

What is included?

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan 411CC motorcycle with Fuel for the entire tour as per the itinerary.

  • Accommodation on standard hotels with Twin/Double sharing options(Few Places will be Tented accommodation with bathroom attached).

  • All 3 major meals(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

  • 3 Litres of Package drinking water per day per person during the ride.

  • English speaking tour guide with additional motorbike including his stay & food for the entire tour.

  • Backup vehicle to carry luggage(Toyota Isuzu or Mahindra Pickup Truck) with driver & fuel included.

  • Portable oxygen cylinders & Emergency first aid kit for the entire tour as per the itinerary. 

  • Mechanic for the entire tour as per the itinerary including his food & stay for the entire tour.

  • All required spares parts for Motorcycles during the entire tour.

  • Inner Line & restricted area permits as per the itinerary.

  • All sightseeing and parking fees. 

  • Airport transfers (Pickup and Drop).

What is excluded?

  • All international and Domestic flight tickets.

  • Visa charges. 

  • Medical or travel insurance.

  • Alcohol, tips, room service or anything which is not mentioned in the above inclusions.

  • Any services not specifically mentioned in the above “Inclusions”.

Package Cost

For customization or group booking contact us as +91-9535551157

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