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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of services do you provide?

  • We provide Guided, Self Guided and tailor-made adventure motorcycle tours across Asia and other continents 

  • Guided Tours – In this tour there will be a tour leader who will lead the pack from the front followed by a Support car, mechanic, and all other travel logistics will be taken care of by "Motorcycle escapades"

  • Self-Guided: In this tour, we will not provide Tour Leader or any supported car, but other facilities will be taken care of like Hotel bookings, Permits, and Land logistics arrangements. You will be on your own on the road. 

  • Tailor-made or curated - If any of our tour dates or itinerary doesn't suites you or you want to ride with your group, then you can request us with asking for a specially curated tour, and we will get back to you with the best options available with us to make your vacation wonderful. 

  • Motorcycle Rental – If you are a solo rider and want to take an adventurous journey on your own, then you can also get a Royal Enfield motorcycle on rent from New Delhi, Jaipur, Manali, Goa, and Kochi (Please note Motorcycle on rent in India is available only on pre-book).

2. What all destinations do you run the tours at?

  • We have Adventure Motorcycle Tours in India, especially in Ladakh, Pangi & Spiti Valley, Rajasthan, Goa-Hampi-Goa Heritage motorcycle Tours, Kerala Motorcycle Tours, and Chennai to Goa motorcycle tours.

  • Also, we have a motorcycle tour in Nepal, an Indo-Bhutan motorcycle tour, Kathmandu-Lhasa overland adventure tour covering Mount Everest base camp, Srilanka Motorcycle tours, and Vietnam enduro tours on Honda CRF250.



3. What is Included and excluded in each tour?

4. What level of riding skills are required?

  • Each destination required different skills & riding experience, like Motorcycle Tours in the Himalayas required Moderate to more experience riding skills, Motorcycle tours in Rajasthan & South India are more Leisure (We can make it more adventurous, don't hesitate to ask us), and required moderate experience. Each of our itineraries is mentioned the required riding experience.



5. Weather conditions during the tour?

  • Weather conditions are differing from destination to destination we run most of our tours during the best season to travel. Motorcycle Tours in Ladakh, Pangi & Spiti valley is run from June to September, Rajasthan from November to February, South India motorcycle tours from November to March, Bhutan Motorcycle tours during Paro & Thimpu festivals, Tibet motorcycle tour from April to June. 

6. What about riding gears?

  • We always recommend you bring your own set of riding gear, like a Riding Jacket, Gloves, Helmet, Knee Guard & Riding Boots are mandatory in all our tours. 

7. What should I pack for a motorcycle tour?

  • Depending on the destinations or the number of days, we will inform you of the list of things to carry in each tour once you signup. 

8. Are documents required for participating in motorcycle tours?

  • The mandatory document is a Valid Driving License, Passport. In case you are an international traveler, Medical Insurance & Visa.

9. What type of accommodations do you guys provide during the tour?

  • This depends on destinations, as per our standard policy we provide 3-star to 5-star category hotels based on the package you choose. 

10. Can non-rider or pillion riders join the tour?

  • Yes, you can bring your loved one to join our adventure tours, they can sit as a pillion if you are comfortable managing them while riding on the different terrains or they can sit in our support vehicle throughout the tour.

11. What will be the group size you generally take?

  • In our fixed departure tour we generally take up to a maximum of 10 riders, however, the group size may vary if you choose for a customized tour.

12. What about breakdowns during the tour?

  • We always try to provide the best in class Motorcycles during our tour, however at the end of the day it's a machine and it is bound by breakdowns, there will be a mechanic who travels with us throughout the tour and they will fix it for any breakdown. 



13. What about the damage cost during the tour?

  • As per the standard policy, all costs related to the maintenance of the motorcycle will be borne by us, however by any chance, if you met with an accident due to your negligence then the whole cost for the damages has to be borne by you completely. 



14. What about mobile or internet connectivity?

  • Mobile and internet connectivity are dependent on destinations to destinations, like Motorcycle Tours in Ladakh 70% of the places don't have proper mobile or internet connectivity. But our Motorcycle Tours in Kerala, South India, Nepal, Bhutan, and other destinations there will be a network in maximum places. 

15. Can I bring my own motorcycle?

  • Yes, you can get your own motorcycle on most of our tours, however, you are then will take complete responsibility of the Transportation of the motorcycle. 

16. Is there any age limit?

  • Yes, the age limit depends on the destination that you choose. 

17. Do I need an international driving license?

  • Depends on the destination you choose, to ride a motorcycle in India it's not mandatory to hold an International Driving license, however, if you are riding in Srilanka then we required an international driving license. 

For any other questions or clarification please contact us at or call us at +91-9535551157.

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