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Our Story

Motorcycle Escapades is an India-based company, that has been bringing motorcycle tours for over

10 years providing quality motorcycle tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and other countries in Asia.


With our passion for Motorcycles and adventure, we are in the business of creating memories and providing a high level of attentiveness and dedication to every client, with their needs and considerations being

placed at the forefront of our business before anything else.

What we do

We offer guided, self-guided, and custom Motorcycle tours on a legendary Royal Enfield, this machine is made for perfect adventure travel. There’s always a route waiting to be explored, whether it’s riding in the Himalayas, exploring the Royal Rajasthan, or indulging in Kerala, we are here to make it happen.


All our Tour Guides are professionally trained and come with years of riding experience in local conditions; some have extensive knowledge and expertise in particular areas, such as Ladakh, Bhutan, and Tibet, and off-road enduro tours in Vietnam & Laos by Honda CRF250.



Our Eco System provides flexibility to every rider to choose the destinations according to their riding preferences, be it adventure motorcycle tours in Ladakh or leisure motorcycle tours in South India.


We preferably use country roads to explore the region, riding through the Himalayan Mountains, the spice route in South India, hidden secrets of Karnataka, enchanting backwaters of Kerala, ancient ruins & monuments, relax at the serene beaches of Goa, and so on.

We provide best-in-class Royal Enfields ranging from 350cc, 500cc & 411cc adventure motorcycles for our tours.


For an Adventure of a lifetime, you can’t get much better than a motorcycle ride with Motorcycle Escapades.



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Fundador y jefe ejecutivo

El cerebro detrás de "Motorcycle Escapades", Deepak está listo para emprender una aventura en cualquier momento. Un graduado de MBA con 10 años de experiencia en la industria de Viajes y Turismo que atiende a clientes en todo el mundo y los guía a uno de los destinos exóticos en motocicletas. Su determinación es ofrecer excelentes recorridos en motocicleta por India, Nepal, Bután, Tíbet, Sri Lanka, Vietnam y otros países asiáticos.


Deepak tiene una pasión por los viajes única para las aventuras en moto y la conducción fuera de carretera. Se siente como en casa cuando está en una gira en motocicleta porque le encanta explorar y compartir nuevas aventuras con los invitados. Además, el invitado que lo conoce personalmente lo llama "El niño de la montaña", debido a su amor interminable hacia el Himalaya.

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Team Escapades


Pooja Prasad
Vice President - Sales

As our Vice President, Pooja Prasad embodies the visionary leadership that drives our company's success. She is committed to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration, which permeates throughout our organization. Pooja is not only a leader but also a mentor, guiding our team members to reach their full potential.


Vijay Singh
Partner and Head of Operations

Vijay Singh brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in the Motorcycle Touring Industry, he has 15 years of experience and a proven track record of optimizing operations for maximum efficiency and client satisfaction.

Prince Kumar -min.jpeg

Prince Kumar
Sales and Operations

Prince , a graduate with an MBA from New Delhi University in the Tourism segment, comes with years of experience in Handling client queries and providing them with the right information about the products and services we offer.

He is excellent at handling clients during the client's onboarding process and ensures a smooth transition from sales to operations. 

Expedition Leader

Ajay, a graduate with an MBA from Hyderabad University in the Tourism segment, comes with a hard-core biker. Ajay has traveled to the Himalayas many times and ensured our riders get complete customer satisfaction.

He is a pioneer in Himalayan routes, Southern India and Kerala.

Operations - Delhi Garage

Sandeep is an excellent resource when it comes to Ground handling, he is responsible for our New Delhi garage. He will ensure all the quality checks and make sure all our motorcycles are in excellent condition before we embark on a motorcycle journey.


Expedition Leader

Salman is one of our most experienced tour leaders who has more than 10 years of experience in riding in the Himalayan terrains. Started his journey at a young age, and he is now a professional tour leader who is handling all our tours in the Himalayas.


Head Technician

Moin is our guardian angel, who is responsible for the technical section of the Motorcycles. He will travel along with most of our tours and make sure we have a hassle-free journey by ensuring all the motorcycles are in top-notch condition. He has good knowledge of Royal Enfield Motorcycles, especially Himalayan 411cc and 500cc engines.



Ravi is also one of our top mechanics, who handle our fleet during the tours. He has a great knowledge about old Royal Enfield models and Himalayan motorcycles.

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